The future of the games industry is in our hands. The Waffle Games is a collaborative effort to redefine what it means to be involved in games and their communities. We want to keep fighting for affordable game development education, the legitimization of esports on college campuses, and the recognition of games as an art form. In line with this mission, all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers can access the entire convention for FREE. We especially encourage students, faculty, and local studios to showcase their research, skills, and game projects.



The Waffle Games 3.0 is now virtual! Join us for 30 different sessions, including talks, tournaments, an exhibitor hall, and other playful experiences. 

Now more than ever, it's imperative we come together and support our communities and what makes them great. This year, we will be collecting donations to help support CUNY campus food pantries and emergency funds for games community members affected by COVID-19.

Confirmed Participating Student Organizations:

EGD Collective of Hunter College

Hunted Hero Comics of Hunter College

Esports Club of the City College of New York

Tespa Purchase of Purchase College

Game Translation and Localization​ 

Ayaka Sato, College of Staten Island 


History and Philosophy in Dungeons & Dragons 
Teddy Hernandez, Lehman College


Game Designer. Esports Athlete. Educator. Researcher. Community Manager. Dungeon Master. Chess Player. AP Carry. Candy Crush Enthusiast. Legendary Eagle. King of Tokyo. Whatever your title, whatever your game, we salute you!

We strive to be a platform where everyone can share their knowledge and work together to change our society's attitude towards games. Games permeate all of our lives, and as such we accept talk submissions and exhibitor requests from everyone in all areas of the industry and all levels of education. In 2019, 2 of our exhibiting game developers were still in high school! 


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